Would you buy $990 jeans? Let’s face it with tax its like $1000

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 I know that there are people in this world with tons of money. I mean look at those Wall Street people, they have money coming out of their ears. But in this economy with people getting laid off by the thousands each week should people be making jeans so expensive. Jeans have been a staple in my closet since I was a little girl but certainly no jeans like this. So these $990 jeans are made by Tom Ford, obviously an expensive brand name. I know people make expensive clothes but during these times they shouldn’t throw it in people’s faces. Sorry I’m venting!!

The jeans are made from Japanese selvage denim, they won’t shrink or shed indigo, the front button is 18-karat gold plated and the pockets are lined with fine silk. And…..will they pay my bills for me and drive my car when I don’t want to drive and cook and clean…at $1000 they better do something special.

Check out some cute jeans below:



Sorry I don’t know why the jeans didn’t show up before.

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