Would you tint your eyelashes?

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I have never had a problem with my eyelashes. I always thought they were cute until you see other women with these full long eyelashes and that’s before they have on mascara…so now I’m self conscious that I have “regular lashes”. My dream lashes would be Kim Kardashian’s lashes…they look super long even before she puts on the falsies. So, I considered tinting my lashes until I heard that they had to put dye on your lashes for like 15 minutes and you can’t open your eyes. I’m usually chill and I can be relaxed, but what if that’s the day when I can’t chill out and I open my eyes and get some crazy tint in my eyes…wow I’m such an exaggerator…lol! The tint should look like you are wearing makeup without actually wearing makeup and  should last a few weeks. I don’t know the exact price of the Eyelash Tinting…check your local salon.

BabyAssFace has gotten her lashes tinted…check out what she thinks.

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