Yes, Nene Leakes Had Another Nose Job!

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Watch What Happens Live - Season 13

NO you are not seeing things Nene Leakes does look a little different. The Real Housewives star had a little plastic surgery done to her face—mainly she upgraded her nose. “Yes, I had my nose done again,” she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. “It’s only day 13 so I’m very swollen. I’m the kind of girl who will give it to you straight – I got my nose done because I can, and I will, and I will get it done again if I want to, okay?”

But it wasn’t just for vanity. Leakes says she was having trouble with her nose. “I only had my nostrils taken in on the side the very first time. And this time I had more of cartilage moved around in my nose. It was a real medical reason why I had to get it done again. My cartilage was going in my nose and the tip of my nose was touching my lip when I smiled.”

At least she is super honest (which I love) about the whole thing as she was in 2010 when she has her first nose job along with a few other procedure.

Photo from Bravo

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