11 Injured in Indianapolis During LMFAO Concert!

11 people were injured while at a Super Bowl concert in Indianapolis featuring LMFAO. No word on if anyone was seriously injured.

Overwhelming “human gridlock” in Indianapolis’ Super Bowl Village is causing police to rethink crowd control before the game.

Eleven people were injured Friday night as an estimated 50,000 people flooded downtown streets for a free outdoor concert by the band LMFAO. Two other people were injured Friday separate from the concert-going group. Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub said none of the injuries were serious — most involved shortness of breath or scraped knees — and were well within the daily average of 10-15 injuries reported at the village so far.

Officials are still tweaking their downtown plan in preparation for more concerts and activities before kickoff.

Police made a total of 22 arrests Friday night, mostly for public intoxication. One police car was damaged after concert-goers climbed on top of it to get a better view of the stage.


Photo from PR Photos