5 Steps For the Quickest At-Home Pedicure Ever

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At-Home Pedicure

Next time you need a quick pedicure, skip that trip to the salon and do it yourself.  At-home pedicures have never been easier to do these days with the introduction of very accessible electronic foot files like Amope. I never knew a $20 drugstore find would be one of my favorite beauty products, but it is.  I’ve even found some Amope’s on sale as new models are released ( be on the lookout).

Pedi Problems

When I was in my high school years ( many moons ago) I used to get my nails done all the time, but by college, I was over it. It wasn’t getting my nails done that bothered me it was the wait time. If you know me you know I have no patience for stuff like that (I feel the same way about haircuts too). Don’t get me wrong I loved getting my nails done and having that super fresh nail color, but I had no patience for it anymore.

What is a Pedicure?

A Pedicure is the cosmetic treatment of feet and toenails!! It can be done at a spa or at home with just a few tools.

My First and Last Pedicure

So getting my toenails was even lower on my radar, but I had to try it. I only went once and I never went back. I went to a local salon to get my feet done. And while I don’t have a gross story to tell you as to why I never went back—it was just I felt I could do a better job at home. I felt like the technician didn’t smooth my feet the way I knew I could. That’s not to say I may never try going again, but for years I’ve done it myself.  I may not be the best nail painter, but hey it’s the effort that counts. 

So add this to just another one of my DIY at-home beauty treatments. If I could thread my own brows, cut and/or color my hair I would.  And so I only do pedicures at home since my teens. And since I have a crazy bad habit ( I walk around barefoot in my home from time to time and as a native New Yorker that is one gross habit) and with money better spent on a new pair of sandals, I have mastered the craft of the at-home pedicure.

Quick Pedicure Info

FYI This pedicure is for feet that have had some maintenance and maybe a little bit of dry skin and calluses. If your feet are drier and rougher, you made need more than this 15-minute pedi! You will need to dedicate more time and a little more love to your pedi, but the steps are mainly the same. If you have drier feet. I would start with trying a running the Amope foot file on my feet every night for a few minutes until I have smoother feet and I would slather on vaseline and wrap in sandwich bags or saran wrap and put on socks—this will soften the skin then I would jump into this routine after a few days.  Also, upgrade to the extra coarse foot file refill ( I did!) Check out my crazy fast at-home pedicure. 

Pedicure Equipment Needed

Needed: Amope nail file, cuticle pusher tool, nail polish remover, pumice foot scrub, nail file, nail clipper, nail polish,
Optional: cuticle oil, soaker tub, heavy lotion or exfoliating emollient

Ready for the Pedicure

Quickest At-Home Pedicure

Step one: Remove old nail polish with nail polish remover. Clean under the nail bed with your cuticle stick. Trim any long nails (or cut after scrubbing feet). I’ve had a lot of issues from not regularly cutting my toenails. First of all my toenails have sliced through my socks—-so not fun! And I’ve also bumped my nails against furniture way too many times to count leading to cracked and broken nails. Which look terrible during the summer sandal months. Uhhh!

Amope Time

At-Home Pedicure

Step 2: Use your Amope foot file on dry feet. This is not a sponsored post for Amope. I purchased my foot file like 4-5 years ago and use it on a monthly basis even in the winter. One of my favorite beauty purchases ever. Make sure to get all that dead dry skin off. Spend a good 2-3 minutes going over rough parts of your foot, but never stay on one part of your foot too long (I recently left my Amope in one spot for a little too long and it kinda burned. I was distracted and that will never happen again). I get calluses on the side of my big toe and cracked heels, so I spend most of my time on those areas.

Side note: Remember the PediEgg. It looked like a cheese grater. I never got on board with those files since I was always scared that I would cut my foot if I scrapped too far.

Quick Pedicure

Step 3: Now either hit the shower (preferred method since its faster) or place your foot in a soaking tub for about 5-10 minutes. Scrub foot with soap and a brush or use a pumice scrub like the one I have pictured above. Make sure to clean the heels and the nails. Rinse off and thoroughly dry your feet and lastly moisturize your feet.

At-Home Pedicure

Step 4: It’s now time to push back your cuticles or cut them off since your skin is now the softest. I’ve never cut my cuticles, but I’ve seen others do that. I use a nail pushing stick to push the cuticles up and scrape away any dead skin. 

Nail Polish Time


Step 5: Clean off nails with nail polish remover to rid the nails of any oil and now your toenails are ready to be painted! Pick a fast drying nail polish for a fast overall pedicure experience (or you could add a basecoat and topcoat as well for a longer-lasting color). Voila this should take no more than 15-20 minutes 

Pedicure Extra

Quickest At-Home Pedicure

Extra time: if you have extra time I would suggest slipping on the new Amope Macadamia Oil and Coconut Oil-enriched Pedimasks. It’s $3.99 for 1 pair of mask socks. “Our Macadamia & Coconut Oil-enriched Pedimasks give you the ultimate moisturizing experience for soft, smooth, and healthy-looking feet that you’ll want to show off all year-round,” said Nikki Mamuric, Senior Brand Manager at RB.  “After all, your feet are the toughest, hardest working part of your body. Why not show them some love?”

For best results, users should carefully clean their feet before applying the Pedimask. Put on the sock with the creamy layer facing inside and close the seal. Wait 20 minutes for a great nourishing effect. Avoid walking in the Pedimask. Lastly, open the seal, pull off the sock and spread any cream residue across the skin.

Quick Pedicure

So there you have it easy peasy right?

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