Abigail Breslin Goes Kinda Topless in New Photos!

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Abigail Breslin, 17 wants to make sure we all know she is growing up so…she posed topless for photographer, Tyler Shields. Ok she is holding a towel and there is no overt nudity…but it’s probably coming soon. Breslin has been in the movie industry since she was 3 and wanted to try ‘something new’ says Shields, who is know for his controversial photos. “Abigail wanted to do something new, something iconic,” Shields told Us Weekly. “People see her as innocent, but everyone grows up. After we made Final Girl together, we had a great relationship and it was easy to do this. She trusts me. I don’t know if she gets nervous after the hell I put her through making the movie!” he joked. “She was great about it. She’s an incredible actress!”

The 17-year-old recently told ABCNEWS thats he has been grown up for a while now. “My favorite thing in the world that me and my friends talk about is that I’ve been all grown up for about three years now. Every single time I’m photographed anywhere, the headline is ‘All Grown Up.’ It’s been about three years. I’m like, ‘Okay, yeah, I’m all grown up.'”

I don’t consider 17 all grown up…despite her maturity!



Photo from Tyler Shields

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