Adam Lambert Says He is ‘in Love’!

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Adam Lambert  has confessed something…he reveals to OK Magazine that he is ‘in love’ and how people always hone in on his sexuality! Adama doesn’t reveal who his love is, so we will have to guess at that!

“One of the things I find a little interesting is how much people want to focus on my sexuality,” Adam explained. “To this day, I guess, I’m starting to understand it more and more — that it’s just something that people find interesting. To me, it’s not something I think about actively. I struggled with my identity when I was a teenager, right before I came out. That was a very hard time to deal with that.

“I’ve had a couple moments in my career where there’s been some hiccups, but other than that I’ve had a pretty easy time with it,” he admitted. “And it’s funny how much people sensationalize it, especially in the media. But that’s entertainment.”

Was there anything that was off-limits in his new special? Only one thing!

“I think maybe my dating life,” Adam admitted. “I’ve tried to keep that somewhat sacred, as far as that privacy. It’s the one thing I have, you know? I think that’s not uncommon. A lot of people try to keep that private, but the good news is that I am in love, so that’s a good place to be. It’s a great time to be making music, I’ll tell you.”

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