Alleged Photos Of Nude Demi Lovato Leak!

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So remember those alleged nude photos of Demi Lovato being shopped around, well a preview has leaked on Celebslam. The supplier of the photos told the website, “We have nude/sexual photos of Demi Lovato and was wondering if you would like to buy them … The girl in the middle row, last pic is our friend and is a girl Demi had a fling with for some time on and off.” They also claim that Demi is bisexual and was having a fling with the female in one of the photos and is a friend of the ‘supplier.’They also allege that Demi started seeing Wilmer and ditched the female friend…and she got mad and released the photos. “After Demi got with Wilmer our friend called it off because she didn’t like being played, she sent me these pictures that Demi sent her as a joke and I have no use for them … There are about 20 total, not all have indication they are of her except some have her tattoos in ones you cannot see the face.”

Some of the photos look like Demi and some don’t…

Photo from PR Photos

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