Amanda Bynes May Be Bisexual, Says Source

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Amanda Bynes 4-25

Amanda Bynes may still be on a 5150 psychiatric hold, but her friends are spilling her secrets. According to one source to retired actress is bisexual and was having a relationship with a woman in her NYC apartment building according to Radar despite being obsessed with Drake.”She didn’t really hide it or keep it a secret with those that were close to her, which wasn’t really a lot of people. But she was sexually and romantically involved with a close female friend of hers. And a couple times she even had more than one woman in bed with her.”

The source adds she is not a lesbian, but bisexual and was not ready for anyone to know. “She worried that her parents would be upset about it and it’s not a label she wanted publicly. But I don’t really even know if Amanda is sure of her sexuality. I think she was just a little lost and yearning for love and attention anywhere she could get it.”

“I know that up until Amanda flew back to LA and was picked up on the 5150 she was still seeing the girl she’d been seeing for months. But it was nothing serious. Just more like close friends who fooled around.”

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