Amber Rose Explains That Kim Kardashian Meetup & Selfie!

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Amber Rose

Remember when Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose broke the internet with their joint selfie, well Amber Rose is now opening up about her one and only time meeting with Kim. It was days after Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter fight spilled into their personal lives and Kanye said some really mean stuff about Wiz and Amber’s son Sebastian.

Rose says “that was the one and only time I’ve ever spoken to Kim,” but added “she’s really nice” and “cool. I’m actually a fan of [her sister] Khloé [Kardashian], always have been. I just think as women it’s good for us to just let things go and I feel like we did.”

But she says she’s not a Kanye fan.”I don’t necessarily like [Kim]’s husband, she knows that. Me and her aren’t best friends, I don’t think we ever will be, but I like her. I think she’s a nice girl.” But she is happy that their drama is behind them.”It just happened so it’s good that it happened, for sure.”

In side news Kanye West is going on tour to promote, The Life Of Pablo he tells Steve Harvey in a new interview. “My tour game is unprecedented. We’re gonna go out in September, I believe. We’re working on some of the ideas right now. I’m trying to literally inspire these kids the way Disney inspired me, the way, you know, when I saw the original Star Wars.”

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