Amy Winehouse’s Ex-BF Reg Traviss Speaks Out!

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Amy Winehouse and Reg Traviss broke up just a month ago and Amy’s death has been very hard on him.

According to Radaronline,

“I can’t describe what I am going through and I want to thank so much all of the people who have paid their respects and who are mourning the loss of Amy, such a beautiful, brilliant person and my dear love.

“I have lost my darling who I loved very much,” said Traviss, who’s directed such films as Screwed, Joy Division and Psychosis.

While some reports painted Winehouse’s final hours as being spent in a drug-induced stupor, Traviss said she’d “been full of life and so upbeat recently, exercising everyday and doing yoga.

“This terrible thing that happened is like an accident.”

Traviss, who dated Winehouse the last 18 months, added she was “really looking forward” to attend a pal’s wedding Sunday.

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