Are You Applying Your Hair Serum All Wrong?

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Vernon François Lightweight~ Styling Serum

Sometimes we think we know everything, like something as simple as applying your favorite hair serum. But what if you were doing it all wrong this entire time. Celebrity Hairstylist and Founder of the Vernon François Collection’s Vernon François explains the exact way you should be applying your serum. First, he uses 1-2 pumps of the Vernon François Lightweight~ Styling Serum ($28, coating it all over his hands and in-between fingers. This makes sure that you evenly distribute the product in your hair without going overboard. Strands are left moisturized, nourished and conditioned giving you great hair. Shhhhh it’s our secret for preventing oily hair.

Did you know that tip? Were you already applying your serum but coating your hands first or were you just applying straight to your hair?

Photo from Vernon François

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