Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Going To Write a Tell-All Book?

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Could Arnold Schwarzenegger be writing a tell-all book…yes says Investigative journalist and writer Ian Halperin. His book will entail coming to America, becoming a bodybuilder, his marriage and political life, but will his super secret affair and son be included?

Investigative journalist and writer Ian Halperin says Arnold Schwarzenegger is writing a tell-all book. In a new interview with “Extra,” Halperin revealed, “I’ve recently learned that Arnold signed a major, major publishing deal with top New York publishing house.”

Ian backs his claim, saying, “I’ve learned from three of Arnold Schwarzengger’s friends that he signed a major publishing deal… and is about to release his memoirs.”

“It’s gonna deal with a lot of his early life… coming to America as a bodybuilder, also his years as an actor, a politician, and of course, the publisher is pressing him to release all the salacious details about his personal life with Maria Shriver.”

The journalist’s sources point out if the deal goes through, Maria could stand to receive $20 million in advance. Regarding the giant paycheck, Ian adds, “That’s only what presidents get… what world leaders get.”

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