Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Divorce Could Cost Him Hundreds of Millions!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has made millions as an actor in Hollywood so getting a divorce could cost him millions… like hundreds of millions…ouch!! Now that his marriage to Maria Shriver is in shambles and he has a ‘new’ son…his baby mama could try to get money from him and no I am not talking about Mildred. Maria Shriver could get up to half of Arnold’s acting millions values at $200-400 millions!

According to NY Post,

The power couple’s worth has been assessed at between $200 million and $400 million. If Shriver decides to divorce her husband of more than two decades, she could walk away with way more than the $100 million slice of Tiger Wood’s fortune that the golf great’s ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, took home in their split last year.

The former first family of California is believed to have a prenuptial agreement. But after 25 years of marriage, and because of Schwarzenegger’s spectacular philandering, that document could be tossed.

If the prenup does not stand up, the couple would likely split their net worth evenly, under California law.

Although she hasn’t announced official divorce plans, Shriver has already hired one of Hollywood’s top divorce lawyers, Laura Wasser.

On a side not Mildred Baena is said to be a maneater…setting her eyes on a man and going after him!!

No one in Mildred Patricia Baena’s family was surprised when they found out she was the mother ofArnold Schwarzenegger’s love child … because, well, she liked the fellas.

Sources very close to Baena tell TMZ … she was extremely aggressive when it came to chasing men — like a heat-seeking missile. They say her flirting was often “inappropriate,” but her tactics frequently worked — at least short-term.

Our sources says Baena almost always made the first move — going after whomever she wanted — and Arnold was no different.

We’re told when news of Arnold’s affair with a household staff member broke, but before the baby mama was named, Baena’s friends and family knew it was her.

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