Ashton Kutcher Tried To Save His Marriage With a Lexus?

Ashton Kutcher tried to fix his marriage the old fashioned way…trying to buy Demi’s love with a car…too bad it didn’t work! Ashton purchase Demi a car just three weeks ago, two weeks before Demi announced she was divorcing Ashton!

Less than two weeks before Demi Moore announced she would divorce Ashton Kutcher, he threw a Hail Mary to save the marriage … in the form of a lavish, eco-friendly gift.

According to our sources, Ashton contacted a high-end car company, to buy a new set of wheels for Demi’s birthday. We’re told Ashton picked out a 2012 Lexus LS 600h L — and paid North of $100,000.

Our sources say Ashton wanted a quick deal — bagging the luxury hybrid on November 9, just two days before Demi’s birthday.

If it was meant to win back Demi … clearly it didn’t work. We don’t know if Demi accepted the vehicle or if Ashton was able to give it back to the car company.

On the upside — 22 mpg!


Photo from Getty