Aubrey O’Day Walks Off ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

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Aubrey O’Day walked off The Celebrity Apprentice last night after being verbally attacked by Arsenio Hall…let’s just say he isn’t a Danity Kane fan. Arsenio felt that Aubrey was too self-centered for the team and difficult to work with! After Aresnio won the challenge Aubrey decided to head back to her room instead of watching the  boardroom battle…and it looks like she might leave the show because of all the ‘negativity.’

“I don’t want to be around all the negativity anymore … the environment is so ugly. I just don’t know if this is the right place for me.”

But don’t worry Aubrey took to Twitter to say that she did not quit the show, after a fan asked about her departure.

I STAY! Xoxo. “@ahaywood7: I wish u didn’t walk away she was the last hope on the show..can’t blame her, she didn’t deserve all that!”

On a side not Aubrey would be up for a Danity Kane reunion…even though I doubt the other girls would be up for it!

Photo from NBC

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