Beyonce’s Makeup Sir John Artist Breaks Down Her Coachella Look!

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Beyonce took over Coachella this weekend and slayed of course. And her makeup artist Sir John explained how she maintained her natural look throughout the show.  Bey went through a few costume changes but her makeup always stayed on point. Sir John spoke to Allure:

    1. Skip your moisturizer—-“If you’re going to a wedding someplace like Arizona or Miami or South America, don’t use moisturizer the day of — skip it,” Sir John says. Instead, he recommends starting with a layer of primer.
    2. Layer up your makeup—-“Duality is key, so you want to make sure you use a liquid foundation and a powder buffed into it with a brush,” Sir John explains. “If I’m using a cream blush, I’m using a powder blush on top of it. I use two layers of highlighter: a cream and a liquid. If I use a cream eye shadow or liner, I use powder on top of it. Even on the brows, we use a pomade with a powder on top. When you have that duality, it’s almost like a Teflon face so it’s not going to go anywhere.”
    3. Don’t bake—“I have a quote, ‘I don’t bake, I cook,’” Sir John says. “What that means is I’m against baking because I’m not a huge fan of putting so much powder on anyone. When you’re baking, you’re actually aging your complexion in a way. So I’ll use a loose powder or translucent powder just to absorb the oil in the foundation or concealer or t-zone and then that’s it.”
    4. Blot, blot, blot— “You want to blot your oil or perspiration before you go in with powder. I used to live in New York City and I would see women on the subway every morning just going in when they’re shiny with powder, pressing the oil back into their pores. You want to absorb that [oil] up and then place your powder.” He added, “You know who has the best blotting papers? Cigarette rolling papers are cheap and 99 cents everywhere and they have the same texture as $17 or $18 blotting papers.” We’re totally stocking up on those this summer.
    5. Lip prep– “One trick for helping your lip color last is to use a sugar scrub first”

Beyonce also wore Lash Paradise mascara by L’Oréal, everyone’s $10 drugstore favorite.

To read the entire article head over to Allure!

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