B2K Singer Raz-B Hospitalized in China, Hit In Mouth With A Bottle!

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Raz B Launches His "Child Help" Shake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood on December 30, 2010

Raz-B, from the boy band, B2K was hospitalized yesterday in China, were he was performing after being struck in the mouth with a bottle while performing a nightclub in Zhejiang according to TMZ.Raz-B’s rep told TMZ he was performing when he saw a fight break out in the audience and he attempted to break it up and someone hit him with a bottle right in the mouth leaving a big gash among other cuts. The police broke it up and took Raz-B and the attacker to jail but later released Raz when realized he was innocent and made his attacker pay $5,000 for medical expenses.Raz later underwent a 1-hour surgical procedure to fix his lip and got 4 stitches. Raz issued a statement to TMZ saying, “F**k this s**t hurts. I have a f**king hole in my lip. Thank god I made it to the hospital.” Raz has actually been living in China for the past three years but plans a comeback in the US.

Update: Raz-B has fallen into a coma. His publicist, Toy Jones, told TMZ, “He is in a coma and needs as many prayers as possible.” After undergoing surgery and went home. the next day one of his friends had a hard time waking him up and was rushed to the hospital and is in an out of consciousness and is on a ventilator.

Update #2: Raz was never in a coma, his manager Elayne Rivers told CNN.”The comments about Raz being in a coma did not come from his official representative.” It was all a hoax!

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