Barbara Walters Upset Lindsay Lohan Canceled Interview!

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Barbara Walters was passed over by Lindsay Lohan and her new PR team for an easier interview with Jay Leno. Walters took on the issue during The View today.”My interview with Lindsay is canceled. She has new PR people, a very well-known group that we do business with all the time. ‘Why is it canceled?’  Walters asked Lohan’s new rep. ‘Lindsay doesn’t feel up to it.’  Well, I mean, she has a lot of problems, and it was just one more. I said, ‘Poor girl, I hope when she feels like it, she will do it with us.’ If they’d said to me ‘You know, Barbara, she isn’t up to the kinds of questions that you might ask’ . . . I wouldn’t feel quite as disappointed as I do today.”

Walters planned to have “a wonderful, wonderful interview” with comparisons between Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor and she “could have set a lot of things straight. “I like Lindsay Lohan very much. I’ve known her for years since she was a very little girl. She said whenever she did an interview, she would sit down and do it with me. As far as Jay goes, I love Jay. More power to him. I think I would have helped her. I think to go on Jay Leno and be adorable and amusing, there’s still all the problems with her.”

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