Beauty Don’t of the Week: Nicole Richie

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Nicole Richie is on the red carpet and she looks so plain. It looks as though she is not wearing any makeup except for her cat eyes but what bothers me most is that she hasn’t tamed her fly aways and little curly’s in the front of her hair. I have naturally curly hair (I’m Latina in case I never mentioned it before) that I blow dry straight and I also get those flyaways and curly Q’s in the front of my hair when I sweat and I get so mad. That happened to me at the gym the other day I was upset and my boyfriend is like it’s ok but it’s obviously not…Boys Just Don’t Understand!!!! And I pushed some hair over it to cover it. Anyways, always carry a small gel or hairspray to tame hair for when you have small hair mishaps. Unless this is the look she was going for and in that circumstance…I hate her hair.

Photo from INF

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