Beyonce Confirms Lip-Syncing At Inauguration!

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Beyonce Super Bowl

Beyonce came clean during her Q&A with reporters for the Super Bowl, bur first she began by singing “The Star Spangled Banner” then when she was finished she said, “Any questions?”  Beyonce then went on to admit she did lip-sync during President Obama’s inauguration, “Well, I am a perfectionist. And one thing about it is that I practice until my feet bleed. I did not have time to practice with the orchestra. Due to the weather, I did not feel comfortable taking a risk. I decided to sing along with my recorded track, which is a common practice in the industry. It was one of my proudest moments. I am very proud of my performance.” Lover her honesty!

But Beyonce will be singing live during her halftime show at the Super Bowl. “I will absolutely be singing live. I am well-rehearsed. This is what I was born to do. I’ve had a 16-year career and all of the things I’ve done has prepared me for this. It is nerve wracking and it is something that we’ve been preparing for about four or five months.”

Photo from I Am Beyonce

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