Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Funeral Filled With Drama

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Family and friends mourned the loss of Bobbi Kristina Brown yesterday, but the sad time was also filled with drama when Bobbi’s aunt Leolah Brown had an outburst during the ceremony and had to be escorted out. Allegedly Pat Houston was set to speak when Brown yelled out, “Pat you know you are wrong for this!” As soon as she was removed she went outside to speak to the media saying that Whitney Houston was going to haunt Pat’s grave. “It went wonderful until Pat started speaking, and I didn’t like that,” Leolah Brown said. Bobbi’s cousin Meet said that Leolah has ‘lost it’ and the family was actually getting along.

On a side note, Bobby Brown’s wife Alicia Etheredge suffered a seizure and had to be hospitalized.The funeral ended with a party to celebrate Bobbi’s short life. Bobbi will be buried next to Whitney in New Jersey on Monday.

All of it is just too tragic.

Photo from PR Photos