Bobbi Kristina May Move In With Grandma Cissy Houston!

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Bobbi Kristina may be moving in with her grandmother, Cissy Houston! As you remember Bobbi had to be hospitalized soon after her mother, Whitney Houston’s death and Cissy wants to keep Bobbi away from drugs and alcohol. Cissy still resides in New Jersey, so Bobbi would relocate there so grandma can keep an eye on her.

“Bobbi Kristina is staying with her grandma Cissy Houston in Newark, New Jersey, indefinitely,” a source tells exclusively. “Cissy wants to make sure Bobbi Kristina doesn’t relapse into alcohol and drugs.”

The source tells us that Cissy does not believe that Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, will be able to give her the proper support she needs when she’s in such a fragile state.

“Cissy doesn’t think Bobby can provide Bobbi Kristina with a stable lifestyle. And Bobby’s bizarre behavior last night [Feb. 16] at his concert is yet another example of his inconsistencies,” the source tells us. “Bobby has repeatedly told friends that he won’t leave Bobbi Kristina’s side and will find her the best care available, but Cissy knows the number one person in Bobby Brown’s life is Bobby Brown and it will always be that way.”

Cissy has even invited Bobbi Kristina’s friends from Atlanta to stay with her as long as they want! She wants to put her granddaughter in the most comfortable, loving environment possible.

“Cissy has invited two of Bobbi Kristina’s girlfriends from Atlanta to come to Newark this weekend to attend the funeral,” the source says. “Cissy has asked the girls to stay with at her home as long as possible to support Bobbi Kristina, especially this Saturday at the services. Cissy wants Bobbi Kristina to be surrounded with as much support and love as possible. Cissy is determined to keep out all of the riff raff in Bobbi Kristina’s life!”

Update Whitney has been buried alongside her father, John Russell Houston at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, NJ.

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