Bow Wow Not on Daughter’s Birth Certificate!

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Bow Wow just opened up to the world that he was indeed a daddy but his name was never put on the birth certificate because…he was not there for the birth (via C-section) and he showed up a whole 6 days after the arrival of baby, Shai! But all is forgiven between Bow Wow and his baby’s mother, Joie because she is looking to put Bow Wow on the certificate!

Bow Wow’s baby mama was so pissed that he was MIA during the birth of their baby, and the days that followed — she 86’d him from the baby’s birth certificate.

Joie Chavis tells TMZ … she was shocked that B.W. wasn’t there for her when she went under the knife for an emergency C-section on April 27. And if Bow Wow’s excuse was squeamishness, it didn’t explain his absence in the days that followed.

He finally showed up on the 6th day of the baby’s life, to take them home.

Pissed as she was, Joie tells us Bow Wow has turned it around and now is all about baby Shai.

Joie says she’s now willing to let bygones be bygones and put Bow Wow on the document, but it’s going to take a judge to make that happen.

Its good he stepped up as a father but…he should have done so before!

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