Brandi Glanville Slams TSA Agent, Made Her Lose Flight?!

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Brandi Glanville don’t bit your tongue…when she encountered a little trouble at LAX airpor,t she voiced her frustration via Twitter. “Standing in security line at lax! So slow!!! Grrrr. Here is a GIANT FUCK U to the TSA FUCKHEAD that made me miss my flight! I will be in the airport 4 a bitU have ugly eye brows and smell bad. Finally on a flight!”

She later added, “May be getting kidnapped by my cab driver to the airport 5190674 his license, in case I turn up missing.” I guess it wasn’t her days and her publicist wanted her to take down one of her tweets. “my publicist just asked me to take down a tweet… doesn’t he know that this only makes it worse?” Not sure if it was the TSA agent tweet for the kidnapping tweet!

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