Britney Spears Settles Lawsuit With Beauty Brand!

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Britney Spears has finally settle her lawsuit with Brand Sense Partners, who say that were the ones who got Britney her perfume deal for Radiance with Elizabeth Arden and then went behind their back to cut her own deal with the beauty giant!

Britney Spears is coughing up some dough to settle a lawsuit in which she’s accused of being a perfume traitor.

Britney was sued by Brand Sense Partners — a beauty company that hooked her up with Elizabeth Arden to front her Radiance perfume. Under the deal, Brand Sense was supposed to get 35% of Brit’s profits.

But according to the suit, Britney and daddy Jamie entered into a secret deal with Elizabeth Arden and cut Brand Sense out of the deal.

The financial terms of the settlement are redacted, but the docs make it clear — Britney paid Brand Sense commissions for a period of years, in addition to a lump sum.


Photo from MTV

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