Brittany Murphy’s Father Believes She Was Poisoned

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Brittany Murphy may have died tragically almost 4 years ago suddenly, but a new report claims the young actress may have been poisoned. Murphy’s fatherAngelo Bertolotti commissioned a lab to test a  sample of Murphy’s hair and the results revealed that there is evidence of heavy metals found in rat poison. “I have a feeling that there was a definite murder situation here,” he told “Good Morning America. “It’s poison, yes, I know that.” At the time of Murphy’s death the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office ruled the cause of death to be pneumonia, anemia, and prescription drug intoxication.

The lad stated, “Testing the hair strand sample identified as ‘back of the head’ we have detected ten (10) heavy metals at levels above the WHO [World Health Organization] high levels recommendation. If we were to eliminate the possibility of a simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure to the sample donor then the only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent.”

Bertolotti suspected foul play in Murphy’s death and filed a suit to obtain samples of his daughter’s hair for independent testing.  Murphy’s husband died just five months after her of pneumonia and anemia.


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