Brittny Gastineau Strips Down To Undies For Revenge On Ex!

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Brittny Gastineau ( One of Kim K’s besties) is a beautiful girl…but when one of her ex’s told her she had gained a few pounds…she didn’t get angry she got her cell phone ane took shots of herself in her skivvies…hot and sexy…that ex is dumb (lol)!! What’s worse is that Brittny had weight issues in her teens, of course she said ‘buh bye’ to him!

According to HuffPo ( Naughty But Nice Rob),

Kim Kardashian’s best friend, Brittny Gastineau, snapped back after a guy she was dating joked about her weight. With the help of a BlackBerry and Victoria’s Secret, she wanted to show her ex just what he’d be missing.

“I was dating a guy that said I gained some weight,” Gastineau tells me. “I am a model, and my figure is how I make money. I found it so insulting that he says all models are retouched, so I went to my BlackBerry in my Victoria’s Secret [lingerie] and took a candid shot in my jewels.”

Donning a black G-string and bra, Brittny was also clad in “jewels” all her own — a necklace that is a part of the jewelry collection, Tres Glam, she created with her mother, Lisa.

“I thought, ‘Oh yeah, buddy? Not only am I a hot model, but I am wearing my anti-envy Tres Glam necklace that protects me from negative energy,'” Brittny says about the revealing image. “I’ve always struggled with my body image, been anorexic, starving myself in my late teens — until I hit my 20s, and I said I am Italian, I love my curves. So buh-bye, Mr. That was my farewell to him,” Brittny laughs.

We have no doubt that Brittny’s ex is regretting walking out the door now.

Photo from Brittny

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