Bruce Jenner Threatens Lawsuit Over Dress Photos

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2013 All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival - Closing Ceremony Honoring Bruce Jenner - Arrivals

Bruce Jenner may have confirmed his transition, but he’s not ok those photos released by the NYDailyNews of him in a dress. A spokesperson for Jenner told Page Six, “Both Daily News and CNN pulled the photos sold to them by X17 once they found out they were illegally obtained. The agency no longer is selling those photos [since] they confirmed they were shot illegally.”

Jenner’s attorney Marty Singer added, “The photos were clearly unlawfully taken from a very long distance using an enhancement device. Bruce Jenner is going to enforce his right to privacy.”

The photos were reportedly taken illegally with a telephoto lens from at least a mile away, which under California law can be found liable for invasion of privacy when the images are of people in “personal or familial activity.”

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