Wait What…Adam Lambert Had Sex With a Woman!

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Queen with Adam Lambert in Concert at Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham - January 23, 2015

Ok, so we all know that Adam Lambert is gay (he’s out and proud), but he recently confessed that he dabbled in woman —well one woman and a little too much liquor!  “I have [slept with a woman] before,” he said in an interview for the June 2015 issue of Glamour UK. “I did it for the first time when I was 29. It was kind of a random thing, but I was very curious. … It felt great. It was a friend of mine and there was tequila involved and a full moon and then suddenly [laughs].”

And he’s also been with a few closeted musicians and actors. When he was asked if he thought that there are  “lots” of gay actors who pretend to be straight, he said, “Oh yeah. I’ve been with a few of them. Whether’s it’s music or acting, you’ve got to remember that those industries are primarily run by men, so maybe it’s about that. But with women being the primary moviegoers and record-buyers, surely it shouldn’t matter so much?”

Well now…

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