Can you style your own hair?

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I have been blow drying my hair for years and even though I have partially mastered it, I often have days when my hair doesn’t come out like I would like it to. I kinda wish I knew how to do all kinds of hair styles like braids, curls, waves, up-do’s, you know cool stuff like that. To tell you the truth I’m a little bit intimidated, I actually feel afraid that I will do something wrong. I know it’s just hair and its only style… and if it goes wrong I could just start all over again but it’s so much work…lol. Recently I came across a few articles that stated that some salons were having teaching lessons so that you could learn to do your own hair…I think that’s cool.

Do you know how to style your own hair?


P.S. I still can’t do a French braid…I’m sad!

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