Charlie Sheen Loses a Goddess to Homesickness!

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Charlie Sheen lost of of his goddesses, Rachel Oberlin (or Bree Olson, whatever her real name is) due to being ‘homesick’ on tour. Do you believe her, I think she is Charlie sick and just wanted out! Charlie remaining goddess, Natalie Kenly is still there!

According to OK Magazine,

“Where’s Bree, you’re all wondering… or Rachel, as we call her,” Charlie said as he addressed the crowd at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort and Casino Sunday night, a stop on his “Torpedo of Truth” tour.

“She got homesick,” he then explained. “She just left in the middle of the night.”

Charlie also alluded to “Rach” seeking other sexual partners.

“Not cool, Jeff,” he said to the show’s special guest and moderator Jeffrey Ross — Comedy Central’s “roastmaster general.”

“I decide if she gets back in,” Charlie warned.

“There is only one goddess now,” he added. “Don’t need goddesses when you have Natty.”

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