Charlie Sheen Hasn’t Seen His Twins in Almost a Month!

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Charlie Sheen hasn’t seen his twins in nearly a month despite  Brooke Mueller being in rehab. The twins are currently living with thier grandmother, Moire Fiore while Brooke is in rehab. Allegedly Charlie has not even asked to see them…but he is not currently working so what gives?

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s twin boys Bob and Max are being raised by their grandmother and have not seen their wayward father in nearly a month, is exclusively reporting.

Mom Brooke checked into an undisclosed rehab center last week and is expected to remain in treatment for at least the next 60 days. However, despite her absence, Charlie hasn’t asked to spend any time with his two-year-old boys.

“Charlie last saw the boys about three weeks ago,” a source close to the situation tells “He hasn’t requested to see the boys more now that Brooke is in rehab.

“Bob and Max are being cared for at Brooke’s Los Feliz estate by her mom, Moire Fiore, and her sister. These boys are surrounded by love thankfully, but sadly it’s just not from their parents.”

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