Would Cheryl Cole Ever Cut Her Hair?

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Cheryl Cole is known for her beauty and her hair, so would she ever cute her hair…she says nope!! The beauty thinks that she would not look goos wold a short do!

Singer Cheryl Cole, who also fronts beauty brand L’Oreal, says she would love to cut her long hair, but doesn’t think she has the confidence to pull off short hair.

When the star was asked if she would consider chopping her hair off, she said: “No, no, no. I want to and I think that it must be amazing to just wash, spray and go. But I wouldn’t suit it.

“You have to have an unbelievable face to carry it off and confidence in abundance. I just love long hair. It’s a comfort blanket. With short hair you can’t hide behind anything.”


Photo from PR Photos

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