Lady Gaga..who is your mystery man?

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Lady GaGa

Gaga was alledgedy scene with a blond guy after the Grammy’s…hmmm could it be a new Monster for her! Gaga is not the type of girl who parades around with her guy…she is almost always alone, but I think she may have a new guy in her life.

According to E!,

The man in question from last night was def dressed “normal” in a black suit and had his arm around L.G. for most of the night (when she wasn’t being introduced to all the Industry types there, that is).

So the question remains—lover, handler or one of Gaga’s gays?

It’s always hard to tell what type of relaysh is going on with L.G., since she’s got tons of gay-BFF’s in her crew, but onlookers tell us the blond twosome looked “cute and coupley” as they laughed quite closely and played with some of the food on their table.

Perhaps it was just one of her gay besties who only looked so damn straight since flamboyant Gaga hanger-oner Perez Hilton was a few feet away, holding court like he was the star of the evening.

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