Chynna Phillips Calls ‘DWTS’ a Popularity Contest!

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I know the votes may have been tallied up already, but did Chynna Phillips jinx herself on Dancing with the Stars, maybe! Right before the show Chynna had an interview with The Huffington Post and she called the competition a ‘popularity contest’!

“It really does come down to the votes,” Phillips told The Huffington Post before her elimination. “And that’s kind of sad because it’s supposed to be a dance competition, but it’s actually a popularity contest, which makes me kind of sad. You know, you have to have a little bit of faith that there are people out there who are truly voting for their favorite dance, not their favorite person, because it is a dance competition and people are working really hard. It would be very sad if that was undermined, and it looks to me like that keeps getting undermined.”

But then Chynna  got the boot...

“I know that everything happens for a reason,” she said. “It’s okay. I’ve got so many blessings in my life.”

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