Claire Danes Is Cool With Her ‘Cry Face’

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Claire Danes is all for her cry face in acting she tells Allure Magazine in a new interview. She’s on the cover and looks amazing. “I’m very vain about my performance. I want to give as honest a performance as I can. But I’m not so worried about being regarded as beautiful when I’m playing a character. I have plenty of vanity in my life. I want to look pretty in the world. But I can be this bottomless pit. I know some of the most beautiful women on the planet — unequivocally, objectively friggin’ gorgeous — and they are rife with insecurity and self doubt, and you just think, ‘Well how can that be?’ I’m attractive enough. I can do the work I want to do. I’ve found a wonderful man who wants to make out with me. I’m good.”

And Claire also dipped into her makeup philosophy! “It’s either eyes or lips. It’s like legs or boobs: You shouldn’t do both. That’s always the first question when you sit down to get ready for the night.”

I may be revealing my age but I loved her in My so called life.


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