Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Canyons’ Sex Scene May Hit The Internet!

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Lindsay Lohan allegedly tried to lock herself in a closet during her Canyons four-way sex scene but she went through with the scene and its going to hit the internet early in an effort to find a distributor for the flick. “Producers of the movie are freaking out because The Canyons doesn’t have a distributor to release it theatrically. The Sundance Film Festival turned it down, and the only buzz the movie is getting is Lindsay Lohan’s four-way sex scene, in which she is fully nude. Producers are considering leaking a snippet of the sex scene online, or to a tabloid website in the hopes that would secure a distributorship deal,” a  source told Radaronline.But Lindsay doe not want her nude scenes to hit the internet for publicity and “would absolutely freak out if portions of the sex scene were leaked online. Lindsay thinks the producers should focus on getting the movie on DVD because it would be less expensive and could generate more money. Lindsay needs a big payday because she is flat broke.”

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