Coco Rocha…Too Big To Model?

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As I wrote those words I felt utterly disgusted. Coco Rocha is a size 4 and the Industry Sample size is a size 0 hence their reasoning for her being to big to model on many runways. Coco is by no means big…she is actually quite small but what Fashions wants is super skinny/emaciated looking.

“I’ve been told to lose weight when I was really skinny,” said Ms. Rocha.

“You know what, I’ve stopped caring,” Ms. Rocha said. “If I want a hamburger, I’m going to have one. No 21-year-old should be worrying about whether she fits a sample size.”

“Girls are told they’re not skinny enough, or they hear, ‘She’s old, she’s boring, we’ve had her, she’s not tiny anymore,’ ” Ms. Rocha said. “A lot of people don’t take into account the vulnerability of these young girls.” And the latest crop of models is not made up of “adults or even sort-of adults,” she insisted. “They are children. Point closed.”

I think Coco is beautiful! Case Closed!

Read the entire article here…NYTimes!!

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