A Few Changes Coming to Season 2 of ‘The Voice’!

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The Voice was that successful show no one saw coming…when I first heard about it I thought it was a ripoff of American Idol and then it debuted and it was a totally different animal in a good way. So any changes for Season 2…Host Carson Daly says yes (to The Hollywood Reporter)!!

We’ve been taking notes all along. This first season was a real time-crunch for us. We wanted to catch lightening in a bottle, coming on before The X Factor and at the tail end of Idol and having our coaches with their crazy schedules. So this was 18 hours of TV that we really rushed to get there. We didn’t sacrifice quality but along the way we definitely made some notes about what we wanted to do for season two.

One is expanding, but not too much. With success in network TV, often they overdo it once they’ve got a hit. They tend to just sort of whore it out, if you will. We’re going to have longer blind auditions. We only had 2 episodes of it this season and all of a sudden we were into the battle rounds. I think there will be at least four weeks of our blind auditions so that people can really sink their teeth into that discovery process.

We hang our hat on the fact that our coaches are mentoring these artists and not judging them. The relationship between them was something that was really cool. I mean, Blake put Dia and Xenia on his private jet. In season two, you’ll set that relationship much more in depth and with a little more quality time than we got to do it in season one.

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