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Fashion Confidential

I like to be inspired daily. Some of my biggest inspirations come from fashion. That’s why I am so obsessed with celebrities and their fashion choices. Sometimes I need a little boost of confidence and guidance that comes with trying to stay on top of the trends. Fashion Confidential (a designer fashion website) gives women the guidance to weed through the short term throw away trends and leads women (and soon men) to long term classics. The site is a commerce site that can be divided by shopping category or by designer. But, there are also interviews with designers, a sale/bargain hunter section and fashion advice. I love the article on how to shop a sample sale…because that can be scary.

Fashion Confidential also has a magazine section. I love magazines and loved that the website also included their own online magazine. I think that throughout my entire life I have had thousands of magazine come through my hands…seriously! The magazine not only gives you the hottest trends, but also shows you how to wear the clothes for day and for night! There have been so many times that I feel like I am in a rut and I can’t step outside the box, but I can see how they put together an outfit. They also give you options and ideas, so you look stylish and broaden your fashion horizon. But some of the featured clothes are basics like a button down white shirt, a draped dress or a tuxedo jacket. You can become a trendsetters (You know people who don’t always follow the rules…but look FAB). Why do we need rules anyway!

Everything on every page can be purchased. All you have to do is click on the picture and voila…you are there. Now I know that prices may be expensive, but if you can afford to bu …then buy…and if you can’t then learn from it! Like me! The prices are also in British Pounds, so I would check out one of those currency exchange sites to see what the prices are like in US Dollars, I live in NYC.

Click around the entire site because they have a lot of goodies all over!!!

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