Cute Flats for Spring

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Let’s face it we can’t wear heels all the time. They can be tiring, I know…heels make your body look better and leaner, but I need to wear flats. So why not get a pair (or a few pairs!) of cute flats. Also, the BF is around the same height as me so when I put on heels I instantly tower over him, so you will usually catch me in flats. Sometimes, I don’t understand how men don’t get more jealous at the variety of shoes a woman can buy. It’s endless.


The flats below are actually ballet slippers. I think they are super cute (for around the house), but I can’t see myself wearing them outside because they would get torn up on these mean NYC Streets. I may not be a dancer but I can’t certainly steal some of their style.


The Studded Ballet Slippers, $48 are from They come in Pink and Black.

Photo from Bona Drag

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