CoverGirl’s latest additions: Outlast Lipstain and Ellen

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CoverGirl has a new cover girl, Ellen Degeneres and a new lip stain. I think Ellen looks beautiful as their new model but the lip stain is what is really on my mind. I once bought a lipstain just like the one that CoverGirl has done but from Sephora. I have to be honest…I didn’t really like it. I think it felt weird on my lips. So, CoverGirl has now made their version. It looks like a marker or highlighter (just like the Sephora one I bought). I don’t know why but the whole marker thing throws me off. Does it throw you off? I mean I like the concept because sometimes when you wear a bright lipstick color and it rubs off and you get a nice stain on your lips, it can look cool (or nasty…lol, one of the two).  But I will give almost any beauty products at least one chance. Are you thinking of buying the CG lipstain ($7.50)?

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