Customized Sneakers: YoaKustoms

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A few months ago I came across a site that customizes sneakers. I’m in my 20’s but I love sneakers especially with graphics (like graffiti). I think that growing up in the Bronx and being surrounded by graffiti on buildings, walls, trains, signs, etc had a great influence on me. I don’t endorse people doing graffiti on private property (very wrong) but I like it when the artists make beautiful, colorful murals. Anyways…back to the sneakers…YoaKustoms customizes sneakers like little pieces of walking art. All designs are original. I totally fell in love with the Madonna sneakers (Confessions on a Dance Floor). The customized sneakers are sooo Hot!! Some are cute, some are fun and some are edgy. There are sneakers for every type of person who likes color and art. The sneakers on the website have been sold already; they are just of portfolio of the work at YoaKustoms. The sneakers will run you a few hundred dollars but they are a great gift for a special person who is a sneaker aficionado or a “sneakerhead”. All the info needed is at YoaKustoms or email them if you have any questions at

Photos by YoaKustoms

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