Cute Blazers

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I have said before that I can’t wait for spring to arrive, well this weekend I ventured out with just a sweater and I was really cold. I guess I jumped the gun. Nonetheless, I have begun my quest for a new blazer. I know it’s still too cold for just a blazer, but they are just too darn cute. I am not talking about the typical blazer but the cropped, fitted blazer that ever woman should have in her closet. I have a cute blazer I bought from H & M, but I am looking for another one. I want something that will go from day to night and from jeans to pants. That’s not too much to ask, right? Below are a few cute blazers. I threw in the Marc Jacobs Jacket in just for fun. It reminds me of like a cool futuristic band geek (geek in a good way).

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