DIY Facial Scrub

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I love DIY projects, so why not a scrub? I found this great recipe from Fitness Magazine (April 2009) for a nice glow.


  •  3 medium-size strawberries
  •  1 tablespoon honey

1. Stem strawberries, cut into small pieces, then mash against the sides of a bowl with a spoon until softened.

2. Fold in honey and gently mix until it’s evenly distributed among berries.

3. Using small circles, continuously massage the mixture into your face for 3 minutes; rinse with warm water.

This recipe is great because all you need is 2 ingredients that are they are easily accessible. The scrub is good for getting rid of the dead skin that may be making your skin dull.

FYI-Strawberries are great for your teeth…they keep them white. That’s wild considering that they are red. But with everything moderation is key.

I’m off to buy my strawberries!!

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