Did Gavin Rossdale Cheat on Gwen Stefani with Courtney Love?

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OMG…Courntney Love is claims to beseeing Gavin at the same time he began dating Gwen…so maybe there was over-lapage (made up word)…and Courtney also says that Gwen know about it! This is my question…why after so many years did she feel the need to say these things…even if they are true!

Courtney Love claims she slept with Gavin Rossdale even though he was with Gwen Stefani.

On The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Radio Monday, the Hole rocker, 45, said she had a “vision of marrying Gavin Rossdale one time … We were like, ‘Let’s go spend our rock star money!'”

During their eight months together, “we had a really good time…” she said. “He was lovely.”

She said she took heat because many thought Rossdale, 44, was too much like her ex, late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain.

“Everyone gave me so much s— because Gavin sounded like a lot like Kurt….” Love said. “But man, he was such an Adonis in his day! He got good in bed … something happened. Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know.”

Stern then asked her, “You were [having sex] him while he was with Gwen Stefani?”

“Yes,” Love replied. “She does know.”

Stern continued: “You mean he was having sex with you while he was with her?”

“Everyone … yeah … and a few other people,” Love said. “We didn’t have a lot of pressure on each other, but we did like each other quite a bit.”

Rossdale has yet to comment on Love’s claims.

At least Gavin choose the girl that isn’t crazy…Do you believe Courtney’s claims?

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