Trainer Jillian Michaels Says She Was Misquoted Over Preference to Adopt!

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Jillian Michaels is upset…she says she was misquoted about her not wanting to have children because she didn’t want to ruin her body! Michaels claims to have never said that…and she is “Heartbroken” over those claims.

Jillian spoke with Access Hollywood,

“The Biggest Loser” trainer is angry that she was mistakenly quoted as having told the May 2010 issue of Women’s Health that she wants children, but didn’t plan to get pregnant because it would “ruin” her body.

“I never ever said that,” Jillian told’s Laura Saltman as she promoted her new show, “Losing It With Jillian,” as part of NBC’s Summer Press Day on Monday in Pasadena.

“The word ‘won’t’ and the word ‘ruin’ are not even in the article,” Jillian said emphatically. “It’s amazing, everybody’s asking about this and I’m like, ‘Did you read the article?’ ‘No I didn’t read the article.’”

What Jillian did tell the magazine about pregnancy is: “I’m going to adopt,” and, “I can’t handle doing that to my body.”

The trainer added she is shocked by the public’s reaction considering she was misquoted.

“I can’t understand how people can judge or question something that they haven’t even bothered to find out if it’s real or not,” she told Laura.

When asked to set the record straight, Jillian said her comments were too complex to get into during the press day.

“It’s more complicated, way more complicated than that and again, that’s not what I’m here to do today, but I used the word ‘can’t’ and I used the word ‘handle,’” she said. “‘Handle’ is not ‘ruin’ and ‘can’t’ is not ‘won’t.’

”‘Won’t’ is a choice,” Jillian continued.

Jillian added that the controversy has affected the pint-sized trainer deeply.

“I’m disappointed about the way that my words have been twisted by the media. ‘Heartbroken’ is actually more the word I’m looking for,” she said. “I support all women in any and every endeavor they choose and I wish that they would do the same for me.”

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