Did Minka Kelly Have An Airplane Freak Out?

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Minka Kelly (aka Derek Jeter’s Honey/actress)  may have had a little problem on a flight that she took recently, but Minka totally denies it! So this is what went down Minka paid extra to have her dog fly first class with her, but a flight attendent told her no and this is were the possible freak out may have happened!

Accoridng to TMZ,

Minka Kelly claims she didn’t freak out on an airplane earlier today … and never called boyfriend Derek Jeter … this according to her lawyer.

There’s a report circulating that Minka had an epic meltdown on a flight from NY to LAX earlier today when she wasn’t allowed to put her dog on her seat during takeoff.

According to the report, it took all seven flight attendants, a personal plea from the pilot … and a phone call to boyfriend Derek Jeter to calm her down.

But Kelly’s lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ … Minka paid extra to bring her dog on board the flight. There was never an issue on the L.A./New York trip. But Singer says on the return trip, the flight attendant would not let Minka’s dog in the first class cabin during takeoff and landing because of space issues. Singer says Minka took her dog back to coach for takeoff and landing and spent the rest of the time with her pooch in first class.

Singer calls the freak-out story “ridiculous,” adding she would have been kicked off the flight if she went nuts. As for calling Jeter, Singer says it didn’t happen — she called her manager who booked the flight in an attempt to convince the flight attendant she had made accommodations for the dog in first class.

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