Do you plan to keep your tan during Fall?

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After I hit up the beach for an entire day (wow …that’s just soo sad…it wasn’t even a day it was like a few hours) this summer I really didn’t get much of a tan. I don’t need to be very tan, just that little hint of color, like a healthy glow. I remember when I was in college there was a girl in my class that was rockin’ the orange tan…so obviously fake. She was a pretty girl but I could never understand how some can think the orange look is good. So will you attempt to keep your tan during the winter months that are upon us?

Will you attempt to maintain your tan during the winter months?

  • Yes, I love my tan (any tanning method)
  • No, I plan to let my skin mimic the weather (warm weather= tan, cold weather= pale)
  • I haven’t decided
  • I don’t care

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